Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Happy Birthday, Dad! ^-^ (...Sorry your candles are pink. Heh!)


My dad raised me on STNG and I would say this was his all-time favourite scene! Followed by when Worf says,

"Nice legs. ...For a human."


And third, would definitely be this sweet moment... <3


Data loved Spot soooo much! Remember his poem? Omg... ^-^ (And poor Worf just did not get it *LOL*) And my dad was a huge cat lover--I know he's getting all birthday cuddles from dear Leela today. <3

He would be 69 and I wished him a happy birthday first thing this morning when I walked by his portrait in the living room. ^-^ I feel great today--is he visiting me? (I will look for signs today...!)

...I'm going to go put STNG DVDs on in the house to honour/feel close to him. ^-^


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