Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Good Morning! ^-^

Treated myself to a new shampoo (and conditioner) yesterday and I'm going to try it this morning and then report back!


(More under the cut)

NOT tested on our dear animal friends. <3


And I treated myself to a new eye mask. <3



PS: I've resisted all urges to dye my hair a funky colour and I'm so glad I did because my stylist put up a message saying they might be able to open within the next two weeks!


Hope you're having a great morning! ^-^

UPDATE: It. Smells. INCREDIBLE!! And my hair feels super soft even though it's still wet. :D (The real test will be how it looks/feels when it's totally dry, but I'm air drying so that is going to take over two hours.)


...And it was on sale! I refuse to pay full price for most things (having worked in retail and warehouses I know about the world of mark-ups all too well...and I don't mind waiting. Builds character)!

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