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Good Morning! :)


Ain't she a beaut? This bush is right by the back deck and it exploded in these tiny white flowers recently (all this heat and rain) and I just can't stop looking at it. ^-^

Woke up at 6:15 to a beautifully cool morning and fired off a 'Happy Birthday' text to my brother (43 today! My guy will be 43 in November...everyone please stop aging and dragging me down with you?!) so that's all good. (If you think I'm a healthy eater/health-minded person--I am NOT, next to him. He's probably hanging upside down doing chin-ups in his home gym right now...! So, I made sure to include "EAT CAKE!" in my message. ^-^)

What else...oh! We got one hour into our movie last night, but by 12:22 my eyes were just automatically closing on their own and then someone started screeching in the movie and I just looked at him like UGH and he shut it off and ushered me off to bed. Will definitely finish that one today...we are enjoying it...but it's one of those too-realistic horrors, like Funny Games. -_- Sickening...but still well done. (Will tell you what it is when we finish it.)

One more of those little white flowers...


Hope you're having a beautiful day. :)

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