Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

What's in a Title?

Snagged from spikesgirl58!

Something to Wear: Nude
Something to Drink: Melatonin
A Food: Molasses
An Animal: A Wolf at the Door
A Color: Fog
A Girl’s Name: Kid A
A Boy’s Name: I Am a Wicked Child
A Profession: Paperbag Writer
Home: Subterranean Homesick Alien
Flowers: Fake Plastic Trees
Day of the Week: Permanent Daylight
Vehicle: Stupid Car

All songs by Radiohead <3

PS: This one was challenging as all hell--which made it super fun! I thought about it all morning while doing chores before I could finish it *lol*


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