Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Sunset and the 'Pink Lemonade' Tulip <3


This was last night--isn't it fabulous?! I thought it looked so much like a Bob Ross painting. ^-^

More under thingy




I just love it so much. ^-^

How is everyone today?

I just checked the weather--we've been issued a heat warning?! ...For real? The weather is just so bizarre this year. Snow and hail, and a heat warning all in MAY. (Neither of those things are normal for May here.) So I had shorts on all day until ten minutes ago because my new jeans finally arrived! Yessss. And they fit perfectly.

I got them from the official Lucky Brand website and paid just $24.95 on sale (because they're dark denim, which isn't in style at this moment) and look at the original price.



(I've been in that store many times...and have learned that I belong in the sale section of their website *LOL*.) new agenda arrived, too!! ^-^


Happy! ^-^

Alright, off to finish my to-do list and take those dogs out again before the rain hits (apparently we're getting rain now, too??) but I'll probably see you guys later for evening tea.


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