Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Movies! :D


SO! "GOOD"!!


It's obviously terrible! But, I loved it! ^-^ It's more comedy than horror, but it has lots of fun 'jump scares' and a pretty impressive cast...for 1987! Would watch again. :)

Oh, and the best part? No stupid CGI crap. The special effects were fantastic for the times. ^-^

And then before that we watched this piece of absolute garabage...


Okay...I can hardly even write about this without gagging (...I just gagged). It is a level of gore that is hard to put into words... Imagine the most painful torture a person could endure?? And then the camera ZOOMS IN on it all. Ugh. It was too much, at times! I mean I never looked away or anything (I only do that if an animal is about to be hurt) but WOW. I almost threw up! No lie.

But the excessive gore wasn't even the problem--this movie is a clear victim of the higher ups ruining what was probably initially a really good story with their "opinions" of what the public wants from a movie (idiots). They did it to Blair Witch 2, too.


Good core idea, TERRIBLE execution and follow through. Parts of it WERE freaking terrifying, though... The concepts and whatnot. We didn't love or even really like this one (it's hard to like a movie with THAT much necrophilia...!), but it did lead us to a great post-movie discussion, so that's alright.


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