Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Sunshine and Pink Trees


A few more under cut











There isn't really a discernible scent, but they sure are pretty. They're gonna POP really soon, too. :D

We hit 30C today! Spent hours outside enjoying it and even though I wore sunblock I'm sure I'll still be a bit pink tomorrow, but that's okay. Happens every time! There's tonnes of shade around our place but my guy got off at noon (yay!) and we ended up going right out and doing ALL the shopping, and those places were all unbearably hot BUT now we don't need to leave all weekend. *happy dance*

Stuck to my to-list and got a really powerful dance workout in first thing this morning (it's true that it's way easier the earlier in the day you do it), took extra long dog walks and then got some extra exercise chasing Pigatha when she escaped when we got home from shopping. o_O (She is FAST.) I got her back no problem--she was over at the far neighbour just kissing and nose-poking their two big male dogs. !! MUST they always embarrass us? ;)

Now I am completely wiped out as hell (we've already had dinner, at least--and it was from a local chip stand and totally delicious) and am in my (summer) pyjamas now. Heh.

Bought four (!!) new nail polishes today so maybe I'll throw on an old movie and do that for a bit once I catch up here a little, and then I'm off to bed! (We sync up schedules/agendas for the weekends of course and our day starts at six tomorrow! I'm happy about that, though. In fact, I love it. I've slept a lot of my life away and I'm ready to face the sun again.)

Hope you're all having a great start to the weekend. <3
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What kind of trees are the pink flowering ones? They're lovely.
Thank you! I think they're crabapple trees? :)


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4 months ago

Everything about this post is radiant. I hope you have a wonderful weekend <3
*Hugs*! Thank you so much ^-^ I hope you guys do, too :)

I love photos like the first one of sunshine in the tree branches like this <3
Aww yes, me too ^-^ (And thank you <3)
How lovely ♥

Thank you :)
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Thanks so much :)
Very pretty. Ours are all gone now.
Lucky that we're a bit behind you and you can enjoy ours a little longer ^-^

What a great combo! :-)

Glad you're set for the weekend, and don't need any more supplies! *hugs*

It really IS forbidden love between Pig and the neighbour dogs, isn't it?! :-)

Enjoy movie time, and have a great weekend! *hugs*
I thought so! ^-^

*hugs* Thank you--SO not interested in people-ing *lol*.

*LOL* gawd...yes. That a handful. o_O

The movie was SO bad that it was actually kinda good! It was Necromentia and it was insane!! :>


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4 months ago

yeay, spring has finally arrived at your place :-D
It's glorious :-D
OMG they POPPED today! Wait until you see it now ^-^

Thank you ^-^

Your crabapple trees are about to explode into bloom! How totally wonderful that will look...I recall that last year they were also gorgeous but it seems they have even more buds this year.
That kind of beauty is overwhelming.

30ºC??? Wow...we were up to 36 but 30 for you is insane. Early summer for both of us. No wonder your trees are going crazy with buds.

Oh, least she was having a friendly visit with the dogs next door.

Thank you so much! They look totally different now, AGAIN, and I'll need to take more photos when I finish catching up here (another 10-20 mins) ^-^

Right?? 30C is unseasonably hot for us right now o_O That is end of June, July weather!

Yes, at least she's friendly. *sighing but smiling* ^-^
I'm looking forward to seeing those trees in bloom! They're getting there!

I've never been able to work out first thing in the morning because I'm usually always hungry! A dance workout sounds fantastic. :-)

That's so great that you don't have to go out this weekend anymore (unless you want to!) because you got what you needed. :-)

Hope you enjoyed whatever movie you ended up choosing. <3
I am snapping away like crazy but we've been watching movies which takes up a lot of my four hours of daily screen time so I am way behind on posting ^-^ I should be able to get them all up today! :)

I only left on Belinda and it's been a pretty perfect weekend :)

It was AWESOME! An '80s flick. Hehe!!
How lovely have a great weekend.
Thank you :) It was! I hope yours was, too. ^-^
Beautiful captures, hon : )

Awesome job, girl <3 It's so true about it being best to knock out that workout as soon as possible when the day starts. I find that's what works best for me too : )

I hope you ended up sleeping well last night, and sending you love right now with the stress you've dealt with today <333
Thank you so much ^-^

Right? Then it's just DONE. Over. Finito. :)

I really did, thank you :) I hope you had a good rest as well <333


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4 months ago

The pink tree flowers are so pretty. And the way the sun streams through the trees, so lovely.

Aww, Pigatha is flirting with those dogs, she's very friendly, lol. :D
Thanks so much, hon :)

*LOL* Well she IS friendly--too friendly!! ;)