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Good Morning :)

Another fantastically gorgeous day here--we hit 25C yesterday! And it's already 16C today. :>

I've been zipping over to town on the sunny afternoons and I've been lured into the bakery (photos under cut) every single time. ;) I also found where the library is! Very excited for that to reopen.

Here --

The Paradise Bread has veggies chopped and baked into damn good. o_O And Haystack Brownies are like regular brownies BUT ALSO FULL OF DELICIOUS SHREDDED COCONUT. ...With icing! :D



And I always get my Mr. his "old man mints". ;) (He loves raisin bread and even though raisins are CLEARLY a fruit of the devil...I'll allow it. *LOL*. We both love the cheese bread. <3)


Scored myself an awesome roast beef sandwich for lunch one day. ;)


That reminds me: I know I've got some FRIENDS super fans here--ya'll hear about the official cookbook coming out?! You know I'm getting that. ;)

I hope it has Monica's Many Potatoes from that one Thanksgiving where they all (treated her like crap...) wanted different things!! ^-^

Okay... *deep breath* I'm slacking on my morning routine, here. Gonna get in there and at least put in a solid hour before my second coffee.

Hope you're having a beautiful day, so far. :)

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