Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

The pants are literally from '93. *LOL*


I was outside doing my stretches in this "outfit" (haute couture, clearly) and it wasn't three damn minutes before some moron in a tiny blue car almost got himself creamed by an EIGHTEEN WHEELER because he was gawking at me.


Why can't you just honk like a civilized person and then put your eyes promptly back on the road?! ...Virgin. *LOL* (I don't want to assume it was a man...but it was probably a man!)

2 more under cut



Currently at 112 pounds and feeling strong! Working out every day for 45 mins since December and I'm finally starting to feel tighter (I just wanna sit confidently in a bikini). I'm 35 and fighting hard against my genes but I'm slowly winning (my family is not exactly slim on either side), and my mood/mental state is better since starting all this, too. My confidence/self esteem, as well (not because of physical results but 100% because I am finally sticking with something and that makes me feel proud).


Focusing on fitness really helped me survive the long winter, too, and I have no intention of stopping now that it's gorgeous out. ^-^


I got to buy myself a new pair of Lucky Brand jeans in the next size up ('cause my butt is getting oomphier) and we can go pick them up tomorrow night! ^-^ I'll totally model 'em for yas.


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