Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Dreams You Can't Shake

I have long (usually, sometimes short) vivid dreams every single night, which is why I don't talk about them much (it would take over my journal) but sometimes I have one so surreal and visceral that it replays in my mind like a movie all day long, superimposing itself over the dishes/the scenery on the dog walk/the damn TV when I'm trying to squeeze an L Word in. Well I've had one like that recently and it's been casually haunting me for over a week now, so I thought I'd write it out.


I enter the scene (first-person shooter mode), and it's stunning. I'm instantly humbled by endless mountainous hills of the deepest emerald greens (mostly pine and the greenest grass I've never seen) but, there are houses. I am in some sort of beautiful cul de sac. I believe there were five enormously large, beautiful two and three-storey houses built into the hillside.

Incredible, but, they're out of place?

(I should mention that I am semi-lucid at this point, do you know what I mean? I know my body is elsewhere, and I don't care one bit. Leave it there--this is more interesting.)

In the middle of this cul de sac is a fairly smooth, raised, stone slab (oval-ish in shape). I don't want to call it an altar for the simple fact that there were no markings or tools to indicate rituals or ceremonies had actually taken place there. There is a blanket on it. It's sort of thin, and a sorry excuse for yellow (no punch at all).

I stand behind the stone structure, and I'm looking out at the semi circle of houses. And I think,

This is wrong.

And then, the houses start...rippling. As if they are flags made of the finest silks, blowing in a strong breeze.


It was a WEIRD feeling.

So, what do I do? Well, naturally, I climb up on the stone, get under the blanket, and go to sleep. My last thought before drifting off was,

I've got to end this because it's not right.

And then I "went to sleep" and of course opened my eyes in my own bed.


Feelings: Perplexed but intrigued. Acceptance. A low-key questioning of reality (what IS reality). No fear, at all. No anxiety or apprehension, despite the weird atmosphere. I thought I could just...sleep it off??

Too weird, man...

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