Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Cookie Love <3

Tried the ol' grocery store again tonight...success!! No anxiety attack, not even a minor internal freakout. It was quiet there and they were low on some stuff but I still got everything on our list.

...And I got THESE:


Mmm. Delicious cookies for a good cause. *drool* (The vanilla is my favourite and he prefers chocolate so yay! ...Anyone else thinking of all the Friends jokes?! "Sure! I'll take a box of the cream-filled Jesuses." "Do you have any coconut flavoured deities?" !!)

More in here --

We tag-teamed the house and property again today and put in another full day each, then we hit the grocery store and I was so tired when we got back that dinner became good ol' Sloppy Joes. :)



We had fries with these but they were still in the oven for another 2 minutes when I took this photo *lol*.

I didn't really exercise, per se, today because I did SO much housework--and I put elbow grease into it, damn it. No lazy swirls, here--tight! Concentric! Circles!! Got my guy to drag me out a tall ladder and got all of the top outside windows done, too (finally! Took me two weekends *lol*). I think I'm pretty much done the spring cleaning, now?! I'm afraid to really claim that *lol*. (I did do behind the fridge/stove--and it was HELL because apparently Piggy's fluffy fur thinks that's a nice hangout spot. -_- I know now to do that more often.)

Wrecked all my nails (not just the polish, I actually busted a bunch) cleaning today so those will need to be re-done in the morning. I like to cut them often, anyway. And now I get to choose a new colour! ^-^

Okay off for a short walk with my guy (still feeling full, bleh--and it's nighttime so I AIN'T going alone...!) and then couch time. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend <3 See you in the morning for coffee. ^-^


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