Living Dead Girl (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Living Dead Girl

Just a really busy, nice day. :)

My man spent the whole day working on outside jobs here (mowing, general warm-weather maintenance, and he got that damn, stupid satellite dish off the barn Mulder's Place. Yay!) while I worked inside and then I made us an enormous taco lunch. Mmm. Crunchy-shelled joy. *drool* (I had FOUR! Loaded, baby.) Then he was back out to work while I cleaned everything up and continued chipping away at Laundry Mountain + windows/floors etc. Overall I put in at least another six hours of spring cleaning today (will it ever end?!) so I'm feeling good about that. :)

Hopped on Belinda for an afternoon zip through the countryside, too! It was very grey and threatening out there, but it made for a great ride (perfect lighting--no sun in your eyes). I found a house that has about a dozen cats! They are so cute, and my bike is nearly silent so they stay lounging when I go by. ^-^

There is also a small horse along that road that I am pretty sure doesn't like/trust me. I can just...feel it. It judges me. o_O

...I am so wiped out right now! But in a good way. I think I might actually get decent night's sleep tonight?! But, I don't wanna speak too soon. :p

Oh! And I painted my nails a super-hot magenta. I might not be able to do anything about my hair right now but I can at least keep my nails nice.


Photographic evidence -->


I haaaated that thing being there. -_- So glad it's gone!!



Hope you guys all had a great Saturday, too <3 I'll see you in the morning for coffee time. ^-^ Nighty night.
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