Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Good Morning!

We made nachos again last night, heh, but you JUST saw them so I didn't bother taking more photos... Which brings us right to dessert. :>

Chocolate chip mint ice cream...with added chocolate chips, and star sprinkles! Hey--I didn't add the chocolate sauce this time, at least! Hehe.

And for pondhopper, here is your update of the lilac trees (taken yesterday)! :)

In here -->






They should be blooming any day now! ^-^

It's still painfully weird to wake up in a house without Leela...but we're all adjusting in our own ways.

It hit Titus harder than I expected (he was always irritating her...but it's crystal clear now that he did/does love her) and he has been sleeping so much more than normal--everywhere except the green love seat that she loved so much. That broke/is breaking my heart... He wants to cuddle and purr on me a lot, and of course I'm letting him because I need it, too. Such a good little boy.

The dogs have been visibly subdued since Saturday, but started to wrestle again this morning. That's good. :)

Sticking to my maximum of four hours daily screen time and my nerves and mental health are reaping the benefits. <3 (I find myself often not even using the full was only weird/hard for the first few days. Feels good to be more present in my life. Didn't use my grief as an excuse to break that new "rule"/way of life.)

It's supposed to be nice enough today to take Belinda out--here's hoping the weather holds! :D (It needs to be at least 15C or I'll freeze in that wind!)

I'll be honest--I'm afraid...but I'm going to do it, anyway.


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