Laughing in the Dark (amethyst_witch) wrote,
Laughing in the Dark

Because it's good to have a role model(s)!

Just finished my morning stretching and workout and am feeling amazing. Did I mention I do my stretches outside now?? Oh my gosh, it adds so much to the whole experience. Yay for spring!! I'll move the whole workout out there, soon (the ground is still a touch wet for jumping around).

My Pinterest is now peppered with images of strong women (and it's also finally learning to stop promoting anything that body shames to me--I can give you a good example, if you're curious) and women like this one here inspire me everyday. <3


I started all this back in early December, and I am so happy to report to you guys that I have since gained three pounds of muscle! YAY! The goal is fit--not skinny.

Which brings me to this--I have two sizes of jeans, and the smaller size no longer fits (woohoo!) and I never want them to fit again, so, are you a petite size? theirgrammy I'm looking at you! I have three pairs of practically new Lucky Brand jeans (good quality), if you want them! Only worn a few times but they HAVE been worn and washed so they aren't all store-stiff anymore. :)

Do any women here do lifting? I'm starting to think I want to...! ^-^

3 more images from my Pinterest that inspire me <3 -->



That one made me laugh because it's true ^-^ (A good partner is YAY but it doesn't replace loving yourself).


Those ARMS! I'm not looking to get quite this ripped, but I DO want really toned arms starting NOW because that sort of thing doesn't get easier with age of course.


This last one is especially important.

Hope you're having a great day, too. :)



The jeans have been re-homed and will begin their journey on Saturday morning.

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