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Movie Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Prologue: I hated this movie. Maybe skip if you loved it--we're all entitled to our opinions and this just wasn't for me (despite all the hype).

Bought it for a buck at the flea market which is good because it was not worth a penny more. What...a colossal waste of our time. I give it a 1/10. It looked so cool but it's just another lame, tired Hollywood piece of crap.


1. The GIRL with the dragon tattoo? The girl, huh? She's 23 damn years old. Stop infantilizing us.

2. It was not original, or interesting. It's pretty easy to get away with crime when you're so rich that you own an entire f-ing island. Who cares?

3. I am not against rape scenes in general (as a writer it's important to look the ugly things dead on) but this one was just totally glorified. I doubt there was a woman in a position of power on the whole film set.

4. After being brutally raped she then decides to jump the bones of her male, 30+ years senior work partner. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. So stupid.

This is what happens when you let men write women without any woman ever looking it over. STOP! DOING THIS! She was so hot, and you set her up to be a lesbian. And then... So lame. So beyond sick of Hollywood trying to condition young women into dreaming of men older than their fathers.

5. The LENGTH. They EASILY could've cut out over an hour and it would've been a better movie.

6. Lazy, boring title.


1. Rooney. F-ing. Mara. I was so impressed with her performance that I immediately Googled her other films! I must see more of her work. Phenomenal.

That's it.
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