July 24th, 2021

Heart Cloud

What a day <3

Yesterday, we celebrated my step father's (my brother's dad) life with a beautiful, military funeral. My brother gave a deeply touching, funny and perfectly executed (emotional, but he never cracked) eulogy, and opened with the music from JJ's favourite show, Band of Brothers. It was deeply moving... I'm so damn proud of him.
He looked wonderful and handsome in his grey suit and tie and I wore a '50s-esque black and white polkadot (small ones) dress, black heels and my beautiful blue and purple heart pendant from my sister--but reversed so the ornate silver side showed. (Thank you, sis... Not sure I could've made the day without you with me like that. ♥)

We moved outside for the burying of the urn and there were military men (I know many women serve, too, but this happened to be all men and wow those uniforms are incredible) to march us there and stand at attention for the service. Then...the bugler took over. He brought us down to the deepest depths of our souls and then brought us all right back up again. I couldn't help but think that if the sunrise made a sound, it would be a bugle.

When he finished, the bagpiper took over. JJ loved bagpipes and it was so heart wrenching but so very beautiful at the same time. My brother really did right by his dad, I know JJ was looking down and just beaming with love and joy. There were many tears, but we all went back to my brother's after it was done and spent hours telling all our favourite JJ stories and there was so much laughter. The world is poorer without him but we gained a powerful angel/guardian...that's how I have to see it.

When we got home we were starving...Scott took me to Casa Paolo (our favourite family-run Italian restaurant) and we had filet mignon and toasted him with a lovely bottle of wine. JJ loved to eat and that seemed like an appropriate *end to the day.

*The official end was we cranked music in the garage until midnight and I danced my butt off. I just wanted the universe to know how happy and grateful I am to have known him at all.