July 14th, 2021


Thunderstorm Week!

Okay so for once, they weren't kidding about the 'severe thunderstorm watch' thing. KA-BOOM!! all night long and the flashes were bright enough to light up the bedroom even with all the blinds drawn. I found a good CreepyPasta (few and far between these days) and drifted off while reading a very creepy story that involved electricity... Perfect.

It's supposed to be like this all week but I'm taking Belinda to town today no matter what. Surely I'll get a short window and be able to fly in and out to the store/bakery. As always I've got books to put in the Free Little Library and I wouldn't mind grabbing a lottery ticket (we buy maybe two a month. We know it's "idiot tax" but people DO win it so we occasionally throw two bucks in for a chance) and we're also out of papers (we only have the jumbo pineapples left...more of a party than everyday paper *lol*). I just need to get out and see other people even if it's just a jaunt to the store, y'know? Just need a change of scenery. Even the animals seem bored:


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