July 11th, 2021

Shine on

Happy Sun's Day


I have a lot to do today (took an easy day yesterday, just enjoyed the day with my man and I don't regret that one bit) but Titus and Sooki are choosing to make it a lounge day. ;)

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Beetlejuice Dehydrated


That's how many photos I've got on my phone. o_O And I've already gone through them all and deleted all the food ones and reminder ones (plus any funny meme things) or just anything that wasn't up to par (blurry, bad angle etc.) plus about 600 that I recently had printed out. It's unreal how high that number still is...or is it?? How many photos do you have on your phone? Maybe this is normal and I don't realize.

On that note, expect a massive photo dump here and *gasp* Instagram, as well. I obviously don't love it over there but I'm always low-key worried I'll lose LJ one day, and I just want some kind of secondary backup space to ease my mind.

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