June 14th, 2021

Bob popcorn

Weekend Movie Roundup

It was a warm one up here so we spent the evenings with some great movies. First up was Kingdom of Heaven (2005)...


SO GOOD. I love this movie. It's a really honest portrayal, meaning they don't try to sugarcoat the fact that Christians murdered innocent people with the same wild abandon as any other group of people. In this specific instance (fighting for Jerusalem in the twelfth century) I couldn't help but side with the Muslims. I asked this question when I was like 8 and I'll ask it again...what the hell did white people want with the desert?! There was no sunscreen back then, there's no way whites would've lasted out there anyway. And I'm no history scholar but from what I saw in the movie and my brief research afterward it seems to me that the Muslims had way more right to it than anyone else at that time. But really, none of them did?? The whole area should've be cordoned off as sacred land and NO ONE gets it. (If you kids can't play nicely with your toys then I'll take them all away!) So much death for nothing. I will never understand the difference between cults and major religions. I see no difference. I have faith but I can't condone all this violence and just look the other way.

Loved Saladin, so many great quotes from him stayed with me.

Orlando Bloom's character asks if Saladin will guarantee safe passage for his people out of Jerusalem, given that the Christians slaughtered every single Muslim within its walls when they took over last time, and he replies...


And he means it, he keeps his word. The end of the movie is insanely frustrating because it's based on history which means there is no happy ending (five more Christian murder sprees crusades, or something?! Give me a break...give up. Go home. -_-) but that's life (apparently). History is so depressing but I still love this movie.

Whew! Okay, the second one was...

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