June 8th, 2021

Lisa Lizard Queen

Summer Struggles

Got heat (or sun) stroke pretty badly yesterday... I didn't seek medical attention because the rule on heat stroke is vomiting, right? If you yak, get to the dak. But I didn't and just slowly nursed myself back to health over a three-hour span. UNpleasant, yeesh. I had sunscreen on all day (I'm not even pink) and took reprieve in the AC but the temperature outside was hotter than my internal temperature and that's when things start to break down. (I did some reading when I felt better *lol*.)

But I'm okay...and I'm gearing up for a ride right now to beat the worst of the heat!

Hope you're all having a great start to the day. :)


Had a great ride! It was blissfully cool. ^-^


I keep calling Belinda an e-bike but I'm on their website now and see it is technically an e scooter bike! Here is the link, if you're interested!

Oh and it says you can go 32 but if you're a smaller person like me you can cruise at 42 no problem! theirgrammy you'd probably hit 60. *LOL*!

Absolutely gorgeous day here, hot (27C) but totally bearable. Not sunny--yay!! Let's hear it for the corpse crowd w00t. I've been having fun riding around and catching up here today but it's almost time I get back to reality and go do the house things. I'm tired as hell (he suffers from a condition called 'Sleep Fighting'...) so a bunch of mundane but simple tasks is actually probably what I need right now to just power through this day.

Take care! And try to find time to do a little something nice for yourself today. ♥