May 7th, 2021

Keep Dreaming

Dream: When the transition is seamless...

Last night I was on my side and facing the bedroom door like always while thinking sleepy thoughts. The upstairs doors are all hobbit sized and 120+ years old so they don't close tightly.

I could feel my eyelids start to get heavy and I blinked (now asleep, unbeknownst to me) and then noticed that there was a light on in the hallway and it was creeping in around the cracks. I thought it was weird but told myself Scott must've gotten up and forgot to turn it off. I start trying to fall asleep again...and then I hear voices. I could distinctly hear three people (two female, one male) talking outside the door. My heart started racing and I strained to hear them clearly...and at first it sounded like a normal conversation. Mumble-mumble-laugh-mumble. But the more I concentrated the weirder it sounded: they were speaking real words but not making real sentences. Then it dawned on me that I recognized one of the Casper, when he's a ghost in Casper.

That's when it clicked for me that the three entities outside the door were trying to trick and lure me out of the bedroom with familiar-sounding voices/friendly conversation. Upon this realization, they went dead silent.

The shock of it woke me up. o_O

Cleaning the Hydration Station (credit to Veganhothead for the name!!)


Found the perfect thing to clean the fountain right in my own kitchen drawer. :D I thought I needed an aquarium net skimmer thingy but all the reviews said they were cheap as hell (not something I'd normally buy online but the pet stores are curb-side pickup only at the moment) and then I thought of this. I told my mom this morning and she does the exact same thing *lol*.

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