May 5th, 2021

Farts hearts

Does everyone know this?! Am I the last one? *lol*

This article from explains how way back in the day, boys wore pink and girls wore blue. I DID always wonder growing up in Catholic school/world why the Virgin Mary was always decked out in blue. I did notice that.

Long story short, pink was just seen as a lighter shade of red, and red is passionate and fiery and was associated with men and boys. Blue, so calming and peaceful, was for us chicas. But at FIRST, all kids just wore all-white everything because they could easily bleach it all clean.

Makes so much sense!!

If I had ankle biters that's what I'd do. People would think you're nuts until they realized how easy the laundry would be? And it's not like babies consume any of your big stain offenders (red wine, chocolate etc.) and even then, who cares. Not like baby has a job interview at 3!!

...It's raining again so I'm researching weird things *Lol*. Again, sorry if everyone already knew this and I'm once again super late to the party. ;)
Keep Dreaming

Dream (Nightmare) Hotel


I dream vividly every single night which is exactly why I don't explore/examine them all (it would be too much)...but this one from last week stills feels so real and like I dreamed it moments and not days ago.

Note: I pretty much only have two dream themes: 1, being lost/stuck in a big, indoor space. It used to be schools, then college, and the last five or six years it's turned into hotels, and 2, I'm in a house that is mine in the dream (I don't recognize it from the waking world) and it's always the same house but additions and changes subtly happen to it every time I go there. (Is it the same house, then? That's a whole separate philosophical debate right there...)

Anyway, this was the hotel one. It was huge and modern but also oddly dark. Lots of white walls but then all the doors and counters and accents would be black. The lighting was low and elegant but also strangely ominous (people look odd when lit from beneath). The place was chic and clean but it still gave me a weird feeling.

As always, I was searching for the pool (I'm always desperate to swim in these dreams) and for once I not only found but gained access to it! I wasn't in it long before too many people showed up so I got ready to leave. That's when I caught a weird vibe in the air. I was in the hallway leaving the pool area when I looked behind me and saw a man who obviously worked for the hotel (black pants, white button shirt and bow-tie, I think) put both his arms straight out, drop his head, and start chanting in tongues in a very low voice.


I felt the rumble of his words in my chest and I immediately tried to ~act natural~ and sidled up to a woman walking past me to make it look like we were friends (power in numbers) but then I realized she was one of them. I started moving faster and noticed more and more hotel staff all in a hypnotic trance and THEN I remembered I had Sooki in the room. The panic hit me hard and I took off running for her and it was just a really sickening feeling, and then I woke up.


Hugged the hell out of her that morning *lol*.

If my brain is going to torture me with hotel imagery it could at LEAST have the decency to include these two...

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