May 1st, 2021

Burger Big Kahuna

Saturn's Day


Scott's friend (Josh) really enjoyed his dinner with us and ended up staying pretty late (he and Scott were doing guy things in the garage *shrugs*) which was nice. We both had a little social-friend time this week and we needed that! We all need that.

I took that two pounds of beef and made six cheeseburgers plus jumbo chilli cheese dogs for the guys. I cut up dill pickles and red onion and had the whole spread out...and forgot to take a photo!! So unlike me but I was oddly nervous cooking for another person and just wanted everything hot and perfect when they walked in, the camera was the last thing on my mind when I sat down. He left around 9, it was nice to have company. ^-^

We finished the night by cuddling up for the next episode of Living Single (the one about Kyle's hair! ...And GOOD for him) and then slept like two logs with the snow (still) falling outside. And it's still out there this morning. -_- It's supposed to be 16C tomorrow but at this point it's hard to trust anything. o_O

Today is all cleaning and running errands and all that other annoying stuff that needs to be out of the way so we can have a really relaxing Sunday. I'm thinking some sort of chicken for dinner, maybe with just a salad for me (I haven't weighed myself in a few days but my jeans definitely fit better yesterday so that's a good sign).

Hope the weekend is kicking off nicely for all of you! :)