April 30th, 2021

Witch and kitty

Good Morning! Another Rain Day

- Woke up to more pouring rain! I'm thrilled--April showers & all that!

- Cutting all my nails down today -_- they can't stand up to all this spring cleaning and keep breaking and chipping so I'll snip 'em all and start again.

- Watched the next episode of LS, 'Thanks for Giving' last night--E, I love Daryll! He is so good for Regine and I love that he's a hugger. ^-^

- Guinan came for a visit yesterday :) I'm trying like hell to upload some photos now but it's going SO slowly. o_O I'll add them when I can!

*Edit: Pics! ^-^


The shadowy, beckoning hand gesture *Lol*...

(More under the cut!)

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Coherently Confused

What the heck...

Yesterday morning I was listening to a song I've had on my iPod forever, but now I'm hearing it for the first time as it's meant to be heard, and felt...y'know? It just hit me in a different way all of a sudden and now I can't even hear the opening riff without breaking out into goosebumps.

But...the lyrics seem to have changed over night?! I heard it, looked up the lyrics, saw the word "fight"...but today, it's "fun"?! I keep searching different lyric sites but I can't seem to find it the way I saw it (sang it) yesterday. And I HEARD her say it the other way, but this morning...it's different. (Then again, I used to "hear" Jimi Hendrix saying, "excuse me while I kiss this guy" *LOL*.)

...Did I dream the whole thing?! It so feels like this happened. o_O

*Edit 8:41 AM

I found the correct lyrics--and I was right!! (This time. *lol*) I'm so relieved. xD

I will post the song tomorrow when we're back in Data Land! :)
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