April 26th, 2021

Snowwhite coffee

Matching Mask


I wore the little pink & purple number on Saturday and this mask matched pretty well! Scott got it for me off the Snap-On truck *LOL*! They know to stock at least one pink thing every time they visit the shop now because of me. ;)

It's garbage pick-up day and I just got everything to the curb (it was his job but I insisted on taking it over since he has so little time in the mornings and I'm peppy AF since getting back on the coffee) and it feels SO good! I do a big garbage roundup on Sunday nights and then I love to watch it go. Small joys!!

We had a lovely evening and we did watch those next two Living Single episodes--the chain letter one, *LOL*, omg. Poor Khadijah!! xD

Alright, time to catch up with you guys! :)
Full moon

Price of the Beautiful Full Moon...

Is PAIN!! I thought maybe for once I'd get to enjoy the full moon without feeling like a bag of hammers...but, nope! Period showed up at noon like it's on some kind of timer from hell. -_-

Tonight is the Willow Moon and it's a super moon...! I'll still be out there on the lawn but maybe no dancing. Curious about the Willow Moon?

"During this time of April showers, the watery month of the Willow Moon teaches you to release pent-up emotions and experience your grief. Tears are linked to healing, and as you express difficult and painful feelings, you are able to purge yourself of subconscious fears. The Willow Moon offered a healing month to the Celts, who literally spring-cleaned themselves in steamy saunas, known as sweat lodges, in readiness for the Beltane festival at the start of May.

This month is the perfect time to perform lunar magic and to let go of the past. Cast spells to restore and nurture during the waxing Moon and to release problems during the waning Moon. Drinking more water will help you attune to the Willow Moon and so enable you to connect to the tree’s water magic."

- Journeying to the Goddess

The pain was just stupid at first but I took a Midol and curled up on the couch and watched Coraline--and Titus slept on my aching guts the whole time (purring). Such a good and perfect little boy when he wants to be.

Not-Fun Fact: He FREAKED OUT at the end when the cat in the movie is involved in a fight--they clearly used real cat sounds! My poor boy. And he was sleeping so peacefully. o_O

That movie is way creepier than I remember it being. Wow. I think most of the really frightening aspects would've went over my head if I'd seen this as a kid (missing kids? Grown-ups who seem nice at first, but actually intend to do you harm? Those things happen to other kids, not you, right? But watching it as an adult it gave me shivers, big time). Really quite well done. And Keith David was perfect as the cat...


♥! He was the voice of so many great cartoons when I was growing up, loved hearing him again. ^-^

I did manage to clean the washroom before coming out here (rewards system, *lol*) and soon I'll walk Sooki and then I can take it a bit easy for the night. I don't even have to make dinner because we've got leftovers, woo! Small blessings.

Hope everyone gets to see the big, beautiful moon tonight. :)