April 22nd, 2021

Witch and kitty

Oh look...MORE SNOW!


I think her face says it all... -_-

They're still saying 17C for tomorrow but at this point seeing (feeling) is believing. Just going to keep myself as busy as possible today so it flies by. I organized the pantry/cupboards and cleaned out the fridge and freezer yesterday and that felt pretty good so I'll keep going today (the bedroom needs attention big time...it's a private space so it often gets done last but I know that's so wrong. The sleep sanctuary should be first).

Guinan did come for a visit last night! I watched her mischievous little butt walk right into the culvert (!!) and I yelled at her to get over here...and she did!! She got a big handful of treats for that. :D She poked her sweet little face in the kitchen and of course Titus went ballistic -_- and out she went again. (Sooki loves her, though! She so badly wants to be friends with ALL things. She's not just a people pleaser but a sweet little pleaser in general. ♥) Hope I see her again today. :)

Hope you're all having a nice morning! And stay toasty. ♥
KITH Pricks

Not Allowed to Buy a Microwave (-_-)


Got this lovely Chinese food on the weekend...then remembered we had no microwave!! You are not allowed to buy a microwave in Ontario until the lockdown is over, apparently. You can go to Walmart and buy food (microwave food!!) but NOT a microwave.


And you can't sneak around and get it, either! They've shrink-wrapped everything not for sale. o_O I just think that's such BS. All eating-related items should be included as essential. You can buy the food but frig you when it comes to cooking it. ?? What if we didn't have a working stove?? And you know there are people in that position. Not cool, man, not cool at ALL. Just...really irritating. It'd be one thing if the whole store was closed but to be able to go in and SEE the microwaves right there and not be able to buy it... ?? It just pisses me off. Other items I noticed that are deemed non-essential? All bedding/towels/linens. What the hell?! I just don't know how parents with little kids/babies are doing it right now (and especially if they were already struggling). It's not right.


But the Chinese WAS good, and I did an okay-ish job of reheating it the next day... (More under the cut)

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