April 18th, 2021

Popcorn scream

"Ready for me to turn off the light?"




Last night we watched Candyman! *shivers* I was probably only 10 the last time I saw it and pretty much the entire movie went over my head. Did not remember about Candyman's super sad origin story :\ and I don't think I even understood the comments about systemic racism and the ghettos etc... I sure did this time, though (thought of James Baldwin's words more than once) and wow it changed the whole vibe. Quality horror movie and more than meets the eye at first glance.


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Elaine EEK

Had to do the snake dance!! o_O

So I've mentioned this to a few people individually here but I guess there's no shame in publicly saying that I gained twelve damn pounds during this pandemic. I noticed it early March so it was a pound per month since the beginning. I've lost four, so far, though! I got back off the white bread (exception: burger buns) and increased my exercise/general activity and I'm eating more raw veggies instead of my beloved carb snacks (a cucumber and a little cheddar instead of a croissant type thing). I might start having a meal replacement shake at lunch for just two weeks to speed up these last eight pounds, because they've GOT to go. I'd like my jeans to fit nicely again, please!! I can button them up again now (*lol*) but they are still too snug to be really comfortable.

That being said, all the dresses I ordered do fit, but they will fit a lot better once I lose five more pounds (that might be enough, actually! It doesn't need to be the whole eight, it's not about that ~magic number~ it's about feeling good and being fit). I ordered an American size 4 and I had to SHIMMY & SHAKE my way into this dress. I tried it on last because I feared I might get stuck in it *LOL* (my guy wasn't home) but I got out, just barely.

(Photos under the cut...)

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