April 16th, 2021

BW rain

Another Rain Day

The rain hasn't let up at all here o_O and we're down to 3C. Brr!

Just read this interesting article (link goes to CNN) about how school meals are actually the healthiest meals most children eat in a day and I like it and agree with everything it says...except they left out a major player. The parents?! It doesn't even mention parents--do they think elementary school kids are doing their own groceries?! I grew up in a house full of Coca Cola and junk food (and I loved it at the time) but if there'd been healthy food at home that's what I'd have eaten. The article makes it sound like the responsibility is on advertisers and schools and the kids themselves, but nothing about the parents? Those fridges don't stock themselves! Still a good read, though.

So happy it's Friday... Happy Friday!!

Are you though

Just the worst!!

Was anyone else a fashion victim of these...waffle shirts?! Is that what they were called? They were godawful, whatever you call them!


I had a pink and purple one, ugh. (They actually were that small when you took them off.) And of course you paired it with these bad boys...

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Instant Cheer Up!! (Plus they threw in a cute surprise, aww...)


Look what came todaaaay! Yay! Of course it's cold and raining right now *lol* but that's okay. The sun will be back!

It's my first time ordering from Boohoo.com, a company in the UK and I'm so happy with the quality of the dresses. I haven't tried them on yet but the sizes look right/true (you know what I mean) and the materials feel nice and they're exactly as they appeared on the website. They also promised delivery in 5-7 business and it did come on the 7th day. :D

And look what little accessory came with one of the dresses (I bought 4 summer dresses and 1 for fall, so I don't mind showing you the fall one now)...

(Under the cut!)

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