April 13th, 2021

Gem Wonder Think

How long 'til we crack?

A little over two weeks ago we were standing in the kitchen and chatting (waiting for things to cook) and I wondered aloud what time it was so we both looked at the microwave...and it died! Just like that, right at that moment. Poof. Dead. That microwave came with the house so we weren't really surprised, who knows how old it was? So we hooked up our actual microwave from the old house... It worked for 5 minutes and then died. o_O All the outlets and power things and breaker stuff has all been checked and triple checked and tested (and passed) and it's just a weird fluke that they both died like that.


I know it means nothing but it still felt weird *lol*. ("If coincidences are just coincidences then why do they feel so contrived?")

SO I've learned how to reheat pretty much all leftovers in the oven without drying it out!


Except for rice. Rice is tricky. :\

The only thing I miss is my microwave baked potato. :( 6 Minutes versus an hour, argh!! I'm not saying we're not getting a new one, but we also realized we're not in any rush. I felt like we never really used it anyway and it turns out that that is true *Lol*.

Any bets on how long we'll go? My guess is... 2 months! It'll be 3 weeks this weekend, for the record.