April 10th, 2021

Amelie epiphany

Sunset and the First Flowers


Enjoyed a soft and muted sunset walk with my guy and Sooki last night :) so lovely. And when we went out this morning I noticed lots of buds and even some flowers! I think these are the crocuses? (All my plant "knowledge" comes from The Sims *LOL* but they do do their research...)

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Bobby yay

Guinan in the House!!


Look who sauntered right on in for a little afternoon cool down today! She is such a sweet little girl. Titus went ballistic, of course, so I gave him a bunch of treats on the other side of the stairs and closed the door. He always has to make such a scene!!

She stayed for about a half hour :) she's a little freaked out by Sooki--she's very sniffy and wants to lick her. xD I had a dream last week that my dad gave her to me (along with a very unique white and black striped cat) and I didn't want to get my hopes up but who knows...!

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