April 8th, 2021

Kelly is fab

One Week!!

I ordered not one but FIVE adorable dresses from boohoo.com last night. Two are from a line literally called 'Ditsy'.


Whatever, they're cute as hell! And they're having a 50% off sale right now so my order ended up being around $135 for five dresses. :>

They should be here in a week!! So excited. I love dresses in summer because it's just one thing to slip on and you're dressed, plus so breezy and airy. We don't have AC so I "needed" these. ;)

I got the confirmation email and asked my guy if he wanted to see them and he said,

"Yes. On you. Every day for a week."



So yay for ~Fashion Week~ ^-^ (And of course I'll show you guys, too! ♥)