April 1st, 2021

Coffee Garfield

Good Morning!


Argh! An unpleasant way to wake up but I knew it wasn't over it so it's no surprise. This is why May 2-4 is a thing *Lol*.

The first of my new magazine subscription arrived yesterday! Yay! I traded the gun one for this...

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N E Story

But what if you like them ALL...

I'll definitely have a hard time choosing a colour scheme when we're ready to do some renovations because I just like so many colours... I like 'colourful' in general. I would definitely want something understated (I used to go for really bold paints but now I want something more muted and more of the focus can be on wall art) but there are still so many styles (and vibes) to choose from.

Like out of these (under the cut)...

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