March 31st, 2021

Snowwhite coffee

Good Morning! :)


I was so tired when I stumbled outside this morning with Sooki...but look at that sunrise. Couldn't stay crusty with all that beautiful colour around me. :)

(More under the cut...not much more though *Lol*)

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Witch and kitty

Love that timing!

Literally just made and hit 'save' on this icon and the rain started its little parade on the tin roof. Loving it! We need all the rain we can get so everything can hurry up and start growing. I've also got the metal wind chimes up out there and they're tinkling up a storm and it's just perfect.

Witch and kitty

How fitting!

Found this icon from when I first made my journal in I'm 16/17 there!! (I'm 36 now, for the record.) I wish I had the full size photo (I have exactly zero photos from my teens) but at least it's something! Cool timing since I'm watching The Wilds and it's centered around teenage girls.

Thanks to my old pal from back in the day, polkadotrose, for popping in to say hello today because that's what led me to find it (she had one of my old, forgotten and unused secondary accounts still added so I nabbed the three icons it had *lol*).

Very time warp-y day! Hope yours was nice, too. ^-^