March 29th, 2021

Full moon

Windy!! (It IS the Wind Moon...)

Lots of folks on my list are talking about the crazy winds and we've got 'em too now. o_O

Phenomenal full moon out there, though, wow! So bright. Wish I could enjoy one of these without the debilitating cramps but I guess they're a package deal for now. It was so painful earlier I ended up taking a pain nap with Titus, so my sleep is knackered, again! My guy just went up to bed and I'm settling in for a movie down here. He went for a milk run and got me a mint Aero to ease the pain so I'm about to enjoy that.

Mmm okay the popcorn is ready, gotta go.

Sweet dreams <3
Snowwhite coffee

I'm up!!

3 hours of sleep but I still dragged my butt out there before the sunrise! Determined not to miss any of these and I haven't yet since deciding that.

Yesterday was a total write-off with the cramps, didn't manage to make the grocery store so no new recipe -_- but it wasn't laziness, I couldn't move for most of the day so I'm not beating myself up over it. I'll try to make two new ones this week. :)

The moon (okay, it's covered but still) over the fields last BRIGHT! It made the roads look silver.


Wishing you all a beautiful start to the week ♥
Book read look


Here's a piece from CNN about how streaming negatively impacts the over here to watch the ViDeO... -_-

Why wouldn't they give us a readable article for this. ??
Ariel splash

Come onnnn, May 2-4!!


Went and got the canoe on the weekend! Can't wait to get on the water this year. There's a good deal of floating around but when you are paddling it's an awesome workout. It's -1C right now so this still feels like very far away but it's good to see it and keep the dream alive *lol*.

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