March 28th, 2021


'Nobody Knows My Name' by James Baldwin

Nobody Knows My Name is the definition of essential reading, for everyone. This book, his words, have changed me and challenged so much of what I used to consider the truth about many things. I've always been an open-minded person, but now I see that open-mindedness still existed within my own safe bubble... That bubble has been popped, and as scary as it is out here, I know I am better for it.

From the first sentence I felt like I was sitting down with an old friend, and that feeling never went away. Even when the tears were flowing so hard that I couldn't read I knew I would come back for more. It broke me to hear what millions of people of colour dealt with, and still deal with, every single day, and I knew I owed it to myself and to Baldwin and to the whole world to keep going.

This was my first Baldwin book and it will not be my last.
Blanket comfort

Question from Friends Feed: "Do you have a certain way you like to sleep?".

Stolen from howlin_wolf_66!

And the answer is, yes! I not only need to be covered but I cocoon entirely...exactly like Titus, now that I think of it *lol*. The heavier the blankets, the better (light pyjamas). It doesn't matter if it's dark or high noon 'cause I'm in my little cocoon anyway, but I definitely need it quiet. My man needs some white noise and it was super difficult for me to adjust to having the fan going at night, but it's been eight years and I don't even really hear it now.