March 23rd, 2021

Amelie tea

Good Morning


Lovely sunrise today and I'm feeling good...or I was until I read the news and saw the story about the shooting at a Colorado grocery store. Just...why? Those poor people. And we've all talked and joked about how grocery shopping is the last fun thing we've got right now and then this happens. The spa, the grocery store... So so sad.

Let's all send some love to the families left to the pick up the pieces today. ♥
Bob popcorn

Drive (2011)


Let me start by saying there's nothing about this movie I don't like. The acting is excellent (+ great cast), great story, believable dialogue, amazing cinematography and the SOUNDTRACK. I think it's my favourite soundtrack to any movie ever. Listen!! :o

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Baby ice cream

Look at her sucking up...


She'd already been for two walks plus an hour of chilling outside and this is the look I got when I finished the dishes. Pitiful!!

So of course I took her out again. It's gorgeous so why not. Plus all this sunshine and outdoor activity has been really good for my mood/spirit ♥

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Bobby yay

Awww YEAH!!!


Look what finally arrived today!! Woohoo! Scott wants to watch season 1 with me and then we'll get into this one (we'll fly through it! 23 min episodes pff that's nothing and we'll just cool it on the movies for a few nights). Can't believe I found this show so late in life but I'm just glad to finally get to the party. ^-^ Dying to see 2 because of how 1 ends (!!) so I hope he's ready for a wee bit 'o' binging on the weekend heh. ...We'll start tonight!