March 22nd, 2021

Keep Dreaming

The Sky at 6:08 AM


This was my morning walk with Sooki :) so lovely. So quiet, not even a breeze to stir things up. So obviously I did manage to get up earlier than normal and I feel great! More time to make him an awesome lunch (he likes his PB & J in the morning and I also made him a big homemade sub sandwich, plus a million snacks) and have my coffee here with you guys. I'll go in and feed and release the Kraken (what we call it when we open his door in the morning *lol*) very soon.

And it's garbage day, yay! I do a big cleanup on Sundays and it feels so good to see it all whisked away the next morning. Oh, and the nachos were delicious!! (Under the cut...)

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Luanne Grass

Sooki Ball!! ^-^

*Refresh page if it doesn't work right away. :)

Did my stretches outside and played ball with Sooki for close to an hour this morning! She doesn't normally bring it back to you but it's still fun. ;) The sun is shining and it feels amazing. She's still chilling on the lawn in the sunshine. ^-^ (Tied up with over 30 feet of leash. ♥)

Kitchen and cat box are done, next up is floors and the bathroom. Not quite warm enough to do the windows yet but hopefully I can do them when it warms up Thursday (17C!!) because they need it. Badly. o_O (Damn birds *Lol*...)
Mulder FBI

Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose


When he sees Mulder's badge. *LOL*! It's my absolute favourite X-Files episode and it just gets better every time I see it. So funny and well written. And I LOVE when Scully has to admit to things outside of her beloved logic... (More under the cut!)

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