March 20th, 2021

Evil Krusty

Fearsome Mouse Killer!


Titus has been strutting around the house all day because he killed a mouse last night! I found it this morning when I went in to feed him (he sleeps in his own bedroom for safety purposes) and praised him accordingly. He was just proud as punch of his kill, the good lil' boy. Earning his keep, for once! ;)

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Witch and kitty

The 'New LJ Editor' and Icons

If you use the new editor thing then no one can see the icons! It reduces them to like 40% and they were already small at 100x100! It's not fun. Boourns. I never change my icon in those journals and that sucks 'cause I have 300+ just sitting there waiting *Lol*. I need to express myself!!

livejournal pretty please can you either make the icons look normal for those people OR can you make it so I don't have to see it in that format? I have 'view in my style' turned on but it doesn't work on those journals.


Bobby chips

Almost chill time...

Got everything on my list done for the day and now it's just a quick jaunt to the grocery store and we can go into relax mode (see icon *lol*). I've got a pile of leftovers for dinner and I'll grab us some good movie munchies for later tonight while I'm out. No idea what we're watching yet but we still easily have a hundred movies here we haven't seen yet so we'll just grab something off the "new" shelf.

It has turned into a gorgeous day here (12C right now) but I didn't get to the outside things yet (Scott, did though! The garage has been cleaned out and organized and it feels HUGE out there now) but that's okay because it's supposed to be the same weather tomorrow. I'll be going on stick-pick-up patrol and I'm sure there will be some trash in the ditches from the pigs who think it's acceptable to throw garbage out their moving vehicle window, too. -_- *shaking fist*

Alright one last load of laundry to put away and then I can call it quits for the day. Hope you're all having a great weekend! :)