March 19th, 2021

Cinderella floors

Consumer Report!! And it's a good one. :D

Did the floors with Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds yesterday and am so pleased with the results! Here is some info about it:

- Fair trade and natural or organic ingredients

- All purpose cleaner: concentrated hard-surface all-purpose cleaner, which is ideal for general household cleaning like dishes, floors, laundry, etc

- Natural: made with plant-based surfactants, natural fir needle and spruce essential oils

- Certified organic and vegan: certified organic by the USDA national organic program and certified vegan by vegan action

- Effective cleaner: Sal suds liquid cleaner is equally effective in hard or soft water, rinsing freely, hot or cold


Now that I've tried it on everything I can tell you it delivers what it promises. :D

And no I don't get paid for this *LOL* I frigging wish...! It's just there is so much crap out there so when I find something actually good I like to pass it on! Perfect for spring cleaning season.

Photo under the cut (for size)!

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