March 18th, 2021

Marge wtf

Dusk Till Dawn 2 (Texas Blood Money) & 3 (The Hangman's Daughter)

So we watched the other two movies in the pack this week...beyond terrible! The second one was physically painful for many casual references to animal abuse. What the hell?! I couldn't enjoy it after that and that happens right away. ...And then it just gets even dumber. There were no laughs, nothing to enjoy or even appreciate from a technical was just a total mess. Super cheesy but not in a good way. No consistency with the vampires or how they can be killed (I don't care which or how many weird rules a writer makes up but once they are in place they must be obeyed or else it just makes no sense).

The third one was better but by no means good. It's pretty much a western for the first forty minutes, and not a terrible one! ...But then it all goes to hell really fast. Both were deeply disappointing and I assure you I did not have high hopes going in. o_O

Ah well, they can't all be winners! And I do really like the first one. OH! And I discovered why Cheech Marin plays three roles in it! It's totally intentional and I found an article of Rodriguez discussing it:

"Seth’s headed to a town called El Rey with a crime boss played by Cheech Marin, and he wants to get there solo. Given El Rey—a name Rodriguez got out of Jim Thompson’s The Getaway novel from 1958—is what the filmmaker named his TV network after, we were curious of how he views the original Seth’s fate after leaving the bloodsuckers behind."

"I had Cheech show up three times, because he kind of plays the Devil, and El Rey is known for being in the Jim Thompson book as this place where criminals go, but it’s kind of like Hell. You get there and you never can leave; it’s like Hotel California. So when she asks to go with him and he says, ‘Do you know El Rey is? Do you know where I’m going?’ It means you don’t want to go there. And when Cheech says, ‘Seth, it’s time to go,’ it’s like he’s beckoning him to go to Hell. So for my mind he goes there and he never gets out."

!! Okay now it makes sense. :D

That interview is here!