March 9th, 2021

Witch and kitty

For Real??


This is the gas station closest to and Bailey's TO GO...but you need a vehicle to get anywhere here. Seems strange?? :\
Sponge bob Stupid

Ice, meet Butt. Butt, Ice.


Went down hard yesterday *LOL*. Look at the coffee cup...! I spilled half of it but it remained upright in the end. I drank the remaining half. xD Wasn't gonna waste it...not today, Satan!! *flipping off the ground*

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Bart is fine

Omg just remembered this... o_O

We only have one washroom here so we take turns getting ready for bed at night and I almost always go first and we have this little routine we go through every time. He walks the dog and makes sure everything in the kitchen is off and then I'll turn off the TV and DVD player before I go up for the night and last night was no different. I was snuggling into the bed when I suddenly heard soft music coming from downstairs. I instantly thought this was so weird because I knew for sure that he was in the shower and that I'd turned everything off before I went up (the radio/CD player wasn't even plugged in because I moved it around so much yesterday). It struck me as odd but I brushed it off. Ten minutes later he slips into bed with me and not two minutes go by and he asks,

"Do you hear music?"

and my blood ran cold because yes, I could hear it again. We know the difference between loud music coming through the windows and when it sounds like a radio on downstairs and that's what it sounded like. Like someone was standing at the bottom of the stairs holding a little radio. Soft music, something my mom would play while reading a book. We just stared at each other for a minute...and then agreed the house is definitely haunted. Then we just went to sleep. If it was a malevolent force I doubt it would play us soft, calming tunes?

I love this place. ^-^

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