March 7th, 2021

Tylenol scam

Weekend Update

It was a busy but good weekend for us! We celebrated my brother's gf's birthday and it was lovely. ^-^ My mom made a great meal (chicken Alfredo) plus two cakes (one chocolate, one cherry) and now we can hardly move heh. Daniella brought a girlfriend along as well and she was so nice, too. ♥ It was a lovely little gathering and I think Daniella loved her gifts. :) We got her this water bottle (I really like it and I'm going to order the pink & blue one for myself, hehe) and book and my mom got her some beautiful pink bath sheets and some nice bath stuff. She's a big Frida Kahlo fan (we didn't know!) and my brother gave her this incredible handmade pillow with her image on it and it was so colourful and artfully made and just gorgeous. I really should've taken a photo, maybe I'll ask my bro to send me one he took tomorrow--you've gotta see it! Her friend gave her a lovely art book with "NOW WITH WOMEN!" right in the title and I LOVED it *lol* and a cool Frida figurine thing. I love birthdays. ^-^

Other than that it was the usual cleaning and shopping stuff and I've also been fighting a headache for days and I'm totally fed up with it now. -_- I think it's weather related, bleh. What can you do. Won't be long before the nice weather is back.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and I'll catch up here with my morning coffee. :)