March 1st, 2021

Abe over

Holy guacamole...!

My stepson (Kyle)...turns EIGHTEEN today.


He was just nine years old when I met him, all chubby-faced and cute, and now he owns a car...and truck. What?? I'm gonna need more coffee to process this...
Garfield grin

Friends like that...!

Sometimes I'll get an email from Pedro saying he found this photo of me online and I panic and open it...and it's just a pic of Cookie Monster obliterating cookies *LOL*. Thanks for the laughs you nut. xD
Bob popcorn

Batman Returns


As great as Michelle Pfeiffer looked as Catwoman (and she did, holy smokes) this was still our least favourite of the four so far! I've always loved Tim Burton but he had way too much control over this movie (director and producer and maybe some other stuff, too) and it was just TOO dark and depressing, even for me. The writing for Selina/Catwoman was just NOT there, either. She felt really tacked on. Not impressed with that! I know it was 1992 but it makes you wonder why they even bothered with her character at all (oh yeah--'cause sex sells). Also, and this is a personal thing and not a critique, but Penguin makes my skin CrAwL. I feel sick every time he's on screen o_O and it's not the flippers, if you were wondering! That's nothing. It's his eyes/nose/TEETH/voice/body shape etc... *shudders* Danny Devito did that role justice, for sure. I'll give it points for sheer creepiness but it still left me feeling empty over all...luckily I filled that void with junk *LOL* (Under the cut...)

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