February 27th, 2021

Witch and kitty


Is anyone able turn this into an icon for me??


I can't make the animated ones argh :s Please and thank you if you have the time ^-^


Got it!! Thank you, xinas_island! ♥
Burns high

Sweet Saturday

Today has been such a nice day! I got up at 6 and got my hair done in Ottawa at 10AM (photo under the cut) and then we came home and I got all the cleaning done that I'd been putting off. Did some reading (remembering to update my Goodreads account) and now it's almost time to settle in and watch the next Batman movie! (Two down, two to go!) We're watching them in reverse so next up is the one with Penguin and Catwoman (^-^) and then tomorrow night we'll watch the first one (1989, I know it's not technically the first one but it's the first one in this four pack of movies). Last night was Batman Forever...



LOVE these movies. ^-^

Hair is getting long...(under the cut)

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