December 29th, 2020

Cupcake wink

Good Morning!


That old fashioned peanut butter cookie recipe made four dozen, by the way! Just finished 'em the other day and I'm already craving more baked goods. Maybe chocolate chip. Even Titus is gaining weight now--his fat butt got stuck in the step stool yesterday and he dragged it all around the kitchen with it stuck on his lower half *LOL*. We helped him out of it but we couldn't help but laugh. My sweet little chubster.

All the snow is gone here, again! What a strange year. It's currently -10C but it's supposed to warm up again. I hope we'll get an early spring for once?? I doubt it but a gal can dream.

My guy is on short days this week so I'll be scrambling to get the daily chores done by 2PM so we can just relax when he gets here (otherwise him being here throws my productivity way off and I know some of you know just what I mean!) and maybe go for one of our Pandemic World Dates (I'll explain in the next post).

Hope everyone had a great sleep! I woke up to a gorgeous golden sunrise and it put me in a great mood. Any day without snow...!

Cupcake wink

Creative Dates

You've seen our pizza in the pickup (DOWN BY THE RIVER) but now winter has added an extra level of difficulty when it comes to keeping Date Night alive in Pandemic World. Amazingly, he loves Hell's Kitchen as much as I do (Gordon. *lmao*) but data is obviously an issue, so... Collapse )