November 19th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Catch-Up Day

Ever since our little staycation I've kind of been in relaxation mode...and it shows!! I've been cleaning all morning and there is still lots to do o_O but I'm getting through it all. Down to just the pots and pans (soaking right now) in the kitchen and then I'll move on to laundry and the washroom. It's warmed up to 5C here (we've been in the minuses) so I think I'll do a stick pick-up later this afternoon (the wind does a number on these old trees).

He was late getting home last night so we just did French toast and turkey bacon,


and I'm thinking of making a Shepherd's pie for tonight. Good fall food! We'll be seeing my mom and stepdad this weekend (he's doing well! It's a long recovery, but he's doing pretty well) and I'm really looking forward to it. She phoned me a week ago with some bad health news about someone we love and at the end of that conversation we both agreed that life is just too short and so we're going to have dinners twice a month from now on.

Alright back to the chores before I lose my nerve!!