November 10th, 2020

Black cat scream

Trying to look sinister with his pink unicorn...


Okay so it's my giant pink unicorn ;) but I share it with Titus (a gift from my stepsons when they were little). A most excellent nap buddy.

I've been sick with food poisoning (from a salad of all things) for a few days but I'm starting to feel okay now--which is great because it's still over 20C here. ??? So weird, but we're not complaining! Been walking Sooki through the trails everyday to keep the vegetation down on the paths, starting to look really nice out there. We got a small snowblower and he's going to keep the trails cleared so we can keep the long walks up all winter (I don't feel safe walking her along the road here, it's an 80 zone and the walking shoulder is tiny).

I wish the weather would hold out for this weekend (our 8 year anniversary!) but I don't think it will, but that's okay. We're used to crummy weather for it *lol* and we've got fun 'inside things' planned so who really cares either way. Sooki is even spending the night with her grandpa, wasn't that a nice touch? He surprised me with that. ^-^ Wish I could've gotten my hair done for it but my hair guy is booked until early December :\ but I did take an appointment for then, so at least it'll be done for Solstice celebrations. :)

Hope you're all having a nice start to the week ♥

Bonus cute pic of Sooki and Titus under cut. :)

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