September 29th, 2020

Blue lightning By magicrubbish

Storm Day

Woke up to torrential rains, made for some very unpleasant dog walks so far! As if those two don't stink they're wet. o_O

I cleaned all day yesterday and was still cleaning light fixtures when my guy got home at 5:30, so I felt great, but it left me wired?? I was up until 4AM. Watched Scream 2 and then read a few short horror stories and scared myself stupid--but not in the obvious way! I stayed on the couch so I didn't wake my guy up but it didn't matter because he got up four times anyway. The stairs are ancient and it seems like the house will come down when someone is going up/down them, so even if I was drifting off reading I'd hear him on the stairs and wake right up. This happened four times and when I thought he was finally out I heard the stairs going again...

But he wasn't on them.

Titus had already been in his bedroom for hours (his tiny butt never could've produced those sounds, anyway, but you still do the deduction thing in the moment) and the dogs were sleeping in the kitchen. I heard clunking footsteps complete with the moaning and groaning of the old wood, and just stopped. It sounded like someone lazily walked down and then stopped two or three steps from the bottom and just stood there. I won't lie, it freaked me right out. Thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest and I was NOT brave. Just stayed stock-still for as long as possible before I did eventually drift off for a few hours.

It was freaky. Think I'll dig the sage out today *Lol*...