September 28th, 2020

Be brave fox by casey28

Happy Moon's Day


I've been plugging away at my to-do list since 7AM and I'm feeling good. It's garbage day and it's always nice to start the week with a cleaned-out fridge/pantry! There wasn't much (we have dogs) but it's nice to get it done all the same. Laundry's almost all done, bedding changed (part of my nightly Sunday ritual) and now I'm focusing on dusting because I want to start decorating soon. :)

We had a great weekend--it was SO warm! Just lovely (26C and only 19C at night). This morning it's drizzling and grey and I love it because it actually makes me feel like doing housework (rain days are motivating? Rainy nights are for horror marathons, though).

I've got a few more photos from the weekend to post later and this batch has cows, and mushrooms! (I always think of hobbits when I hear the word 'mushrooms', heh) But I need to take the girls out again first. I also haven't really stretched yet and I need to. Wow. I think we've both decided that we need a king size bed so we're going to look at the budget and find a way to make that happen soon. Woo!

Hope your day is starting off great. :)