September 11th, 2020

Witch and kitty

Noms from this Week


Chicken breast was on sale Sunday so Monday night I made us chicken Alfredo with rainbow ~veggie~ pasta (how do they do it? Amazing)! The little ball things are garlicky cheese buns I did in the toaster oven. :D

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Witch and kitty

September Photo Challenge 11/30 (Spice)


Our chicken curry turned out great--we think it's our best yet!! Very spicy yet flavourful--not just hot. Always fun to cook as a team, speeds everything up so much! (And we both have restaurant experience so we don't irritate each other in the kitchen *Lol*) It was a really great day but I'm super exhausted now from the no sleep (well, 4 hours, but pff that is NOT enough for me) + busy day so I'll catch up with you guys in the morning as always ^-^

List is here. :)

Sweet dreams!